Fiber & Structured Cabling

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We have resources available to help you achieve your goals with fiber and structured cabling. Whether you are connecting IDF closets or buildings, we make sure it will be the last thing you need to worry about on the network. We can run an OTDR to check for loss and if there is a break, we can repair it with a fusion splicer.

Since the founder comes from running the technology department at a school, there are many things that was picked up when working with fiber. Like it is extremely expensive for a simple repair. Or when you are running new fiber underground on your own property, should it include a tracer wire? Should they give you a map showing exactly where the fiber was installed. Should each patch panel be labeled appropriately. The answer to all those questions are YES, and it is part of what we do everytime. Documentation is an essential part of keeping any technology department running smoothly, and I was surprised at how many vendors didn't give this a second thought. All structured cabling and fiber we install will give you a detailed map of where every strand or cat6 run ends up.

We recommend all fiber to be installed with fusion spliced connectors. The other non-fusion splicing options (mechanical or fast connects) might not last a career, or as little as 10 years, where as the fusion splice will likely outlive the cable itself.

Breakout Fiber

Breakout cable is wasteful and not used much. It does have an outter jacket, kevlar, tight buffer and bare fiber (inlcuding the UV, cladding and core of course).

Distribution Cable Fiber

Distribution Cable Fiber is for indoor use only. It can be plenum rated or not. It has an outter jacket, kevlar, tight buffer and bare fiber. This is most common for indoor, above tile installations.

Micro-Distribution Cable Fiber

The micro-distribution cable fiber is available for indoor/outdoor constructions. It has an outter jacket, kevlar, and bare fiber.

Loose Tube Cable Fiber

Loose tube fiber is great for direct burry (below the frost line) or aerial use. It has a UV Ray resistant jacket and water blocking kevlar.

Indoor/Outdoor Cable Fiber

Indoor/outdoor cable can be used in both indoors and outdoors. It is available in distribution (tight buffer), Breakout and, Micro Distribution.

Ribbon Cable Fiber

For specific applications ribbon cable requires a special fusion splicer that is not compatible with regular fiber. If you require ribbon and regular fiber, it requires both kinds of splicers.

Aluminum Interlocking Armor Cable

While it is armoured, it is not totally rodent proof.

Corrugated Steel Tape Cable

This one is totally rodent proof!